Fire Damage and Restoration

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

A fire can ruin your home or business property. In case if you come across such an unfortunate incident, you need to have a clear understanding on how to overcome fire damage and proceed with restoration. You will not be able to do it on your own. That’s where you should seek the assistance of an expert service provider such as MayDay Pro Services.

Our team at MayDay Pro Services will quickly rush into your place and immediately start restoration. Along with that, you can get the best possible experience with fire damage restoration.

How to proceed with fire damage restoration?

Our experts at MayDay Pro Services have a clear understanding on how to offer the best fire damage restoration services for the people in need. Here is a quick overview of the process that we follow. If you can follow these steps, you can understand how we work and then make the decision to obtain the services that we deliver.

  • You should initially contact emergency services. This must be done as soon as you notice a fire.

You should contact the emergency services as you notice a fire. Then they will rush to the scene and help you with extinguishing the fire. Along with that, you can contact our experts as well.

  • Then you need to get the fire damage inspection done. We will be able to do it.

Once we come to the place, we will be able to do a proper fire damage inspection. Along with that, we can get a better understanding about the extent of damage caused by fire, soot and smoke. This will help us to come up with a proper plan to restore your house and deliver the best results to you at the end of the day.

  • You should then get the board up and roof tarp services if needed.

Fire can create a negative impact on the roofs, windows and walls at home. We will pay attention to them and make sure that security at your home is never compromised during the fire damage restoration process. This is where we place tarps.

  • Water used to extinguish fire should be removed from the property. Along with that, your property should be dried effectively.

Water removal services will be offered immediately. This will help you to overcome the damages that water has created on your property. Along with that, we will also be able to start the drying services immediately.

  • Soot and smoke is removed from all surfaces at home.

Once your home is fully dried, we will offer soot and smoke removal services. We will be using specialized techniques to deliver excellent results to you with soot and smoke removal.

  • Repairing and cleaning the house along with sanitization.

We will then do a thorough cleaning at your home and make sure that your home is properly cleaned. We know how to remove unpleasant odors at your home after a fire damage as well.

  • Restoring the house.

While following these steps, we will be able to restore your home to the original condition. Along with that, we will also take a look at the replacement of painting, drywall and installation of new carpets.

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