Mold Remediation

Our homes are our haven while the offices are essential places to earn enough money to enjoy the luxuries of life. This speaks volumes about the importance of keeping these places clean and tidy. There are times when we ensure optimal cleaning but are still unable to eliminate infestations and mold development.

For instance, if there was a small leak in the pipes or the ceiling, the chances of mold development increases by 2 fold. Besides, mold development is rapid, and it can cover the entire space in less than a week. This rapid development can lead to the production of allergens and bacteria and will pose harmful effects to health.

If you have managed to suspect the presence of mold in your space, we are here to help with our mold removal and mold remediation. Our professionals will assess the property and inspect the molds. If the results are positive and mold is present. The team will employ the correct equipment and trained staff to remove these molds and handle the situation effectively.

Why Choose Us Mold Removal?

Whenever we get a call from the customers, they ask for the reasons that should opt for our mold repair services instead of our competitors. To answer those questions, we have added the top reasons for choosing us and our services.

Efficient In Handling Multiple Situations

Whenever you call us, no matter the day or time, we respond to your queries immediately, and hat helps us reduce the consequences of mold. In addition, this removes further damage, and in the long run, it will be cost-effective for the clients.

Trained Staff

To offer top-notch services, we have acquired a team that is best at mold removal and remediation. At our platform, we have applied a structural drying technician to remove moisture from the rooms and applied microbial remediation specialists who will remove molds from the room.


We have advanced and essential tools and equipment readily available to ensure effective services. We have the equipment to inspect for molds, and by using the air pressure chambers, we will isolate the infected area for further mold removal steps.

Contact Us

If you are struggling with mold development at your home or office, just give us a call, and we will be readily available for you.

About Our Mold Removal Staff

At MayDay Pro Services, we have managed to acquire a team of professionals who have the ability to offer robust cleaning and mold damage removal and repair. This team is trained to ensure effective restoration and will handle emergency services on a 24/7 basis. Our team is capable of handling even broad-spectrum issues. With this efficient team, we have managed to expand our service through multiple ways. As soon as you suspect you have mold, you can call our services right away.

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